It’s been a long while since the famed site, MegaUpload was taken down back in 2012. It’s still alive, but in limited scale and a lot of the site’s advertising could be characterized as “suspicious” to say the least. 

Because of the notoriety of MegaUpload and The Pirate Bay (often referred to as TPB), there’s many more that have sprung up in the past few years. Below we’ve listed the five torrenting sites we think will do best in 2018.

#1.)  The Pirate Bay (TPB)

Even though it had it’s low points, TPB is still going strong. Also the rebirth of VPNs have made it much easier for sites like this redirect traffic away from an originating location (or IP) and mirror it across multiple others. This in turn makes seeding and downloading faster than previous years. In practice, TPB is still one of the most popular Torrent search engines.

#2.)  RARBG

The second on our list may not be well known, but it is definitely deserving of our top five torrenting sites worldwide. Unlike most of the others, has an active blog, providing news about the torrent industry. The websites also offers recommendations and a small forum so it’s users can discuss regulations and best practices. The forum even includes a movie database; smart move which will help keep them relevant over the next couple years.

#3.)  Torrent Project

An old-fashioned search engine, Torrent Project offers content of all kinds: movies, music, games, and software programs. The clean interface helps also since so many of the other torrenting sites have constant popup ads and advertising redirects.

#4.)  Kickass Torrent

Known as KT, this site is one of the originals from when MegaUpload was at it’s peak. An issued occurred causing it to close temporarily in 2016, but later that year it came back to the life. Its UI allows users to quickly access the “most downloaded files”, and even provides a section where users can comment on individual files. Many of the comments are informative such as, “french subtitles”

#5.)  Torrentz 2

Last but not least on our list is Torrentz 2, the successor to the original “Torrentz”. This second version is very similar to the original by keeping the search interface minimalist in design. The site has a clean look and from what we can tell, has more download options than KT or RARBG.